Art After Death Services

We offer three principal services:

Diagnostic consultation pre or post artist's death 1.5 – 2 hours 


This option is useful for those who need to know where they stand and what courses of action may be open to them. It can lead to our carrying out further work – which will always be priced and agreed beforehand – or referral to other specialists.

Fixed price consultancy pre or post artist's death 6 hours 


Consultancy services by their very nature are personal and different. This co-creational option is useful for those who wish to explore and review options and make considered decisions and plans, with the benefit of a high-level of sector specific experience and the security of a known level of consultancy expenditure.

Bespoke services pre or post artistís death

These services are individually priced and agreed with the client before any work goes ahead. Clients are always completely sure where they stand in terms of costs.
The following list is offered as a guide, and is by no means exclusive or finite:

> artistic estate planning: inventorying artwork, archive material, and artistsí intellectual property rights; strategic objective setting and implementation planning; periodic reviewing and updating; dealing with and providing for family and friends and professional individuals and organizations; appointing artistic executors and administrators

> creative estate planning: generating/reviewing ideas for execution of artwork after an artist's death

> help and support to executors/administrators after an artistís death

> services of special relevance to people resident in France.